Andrew West - Health Everythingist

Bio: Hi, my name is Andrew West, and I’m a Lifestyle Coach, working out of BPM Fitness, located downtown London, Ontario. I help people take control of their life by sharing practical and powerful lifestyle strategies. I know these strategies work, because before I started sharing them with others, I used them myself, to transform my life for the better. I used to have the worst skin imaginable, a chip on my shoulder, low energy and no self-identity. I wouldn't say that I ever hated my life, but I definitely had no direction, constantly taking jobs which provided no real satisfaction. Now...I have so much energy it spills on the sidewalk Now...I have clear and vibrant skin. Now...I know who I am, and where I’m going in life. I did all this by simply ADDING the good...bit by bit. I believe it is not necessarily the bad things we do to our bodies causing poor health, rather, it is the lack of good things. And you can transform your life, too, by simply adding the good, and I can show you how. Let’s face it… You weren’t meant to wake up everyday and hate what you’re doing You weren't put on this Earth to be miserable, sick and depressed. You were put on this Earth to thrive. You were put on this Earth to experience true happiness, joy, and love. Most of us think that we have to flip our life upside down in order to start living healthy...and I’m here to tell you that’s simply not true. All you have to do...is add one lifestyle strategy into your daily routine, until it becomes habitual. Once this happens, you can add another one. Keep doing what you’re doing...it’s perfect. Coffee in the morning, maybe a cigarette? Skip lunch? Have a gigantic meal for dinner, mostly from the frozen food aisle? Perfect. keep doing that. I will rarely tell you to STOP doing something. Rather, I will invite you to start adding positives. Light will always overcome darkness. I invite you to take control of your life, by adding more light, love and positivity… and you can literally watch your life transform for the better. Remember, you’re more powerful than you think. Check out my Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/healtheverythingist

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