Nutrition 101

“Every metabolic and system function

including all regulatory mechanisms such as digestion, respiration, hormone release, neurotransmitter release and immunity –

depends entirely on

delicately-balanced pH”.

* Gary Tunsky, CNC, ND


You can watch a video, or read the article, both entitled what in the cell is going on? by Dr. Gary Tunksy.


pH of the Human Body is Critical for Health

What in the Cell is Going on? –
The Battle for health is over pH

glass of water

As you quietly read these words, a whirl of activity is taking place in every cell of your body. Every second, unseen, unnoticed, millions of new cells are reborn in your body’s ceaseless program of self-generation. Since cells are the bricks and mortar from which all living tissue and organs are made, to understand degenerative and metabolic disease you must become familiar with the miniature world of the cell and how they are able to perform baffling chemical transformations producing infinitely complex proteins, vitamins, hormones, neurotransmitters, growth factors, enzymes and metabolic energy called ATP.

A healthy body is determined by the health of each of its single cells. All disease originates at the cellular level and not at the organ or system level. Healthy cells create healthy tissues. Healthy tissues create healthy organs like the heart and lungs. Healthy organs create healthy systems like the endocrine system or the immune system and healthy systems make up a healthy body. 

In the complex world of 75 trillion cells that make up your nation body, you are the President (the brain) that delegates the police force that protects and shields the cellular citizens from attack by foreign enemies; the cellular citizen’s work performance, transportation system, medical care, communication, food and water, and methods of toxic waste and trash removal. With your guidance and direction, the nation body will provide all the necessities for proper functioning as a whole. Your cell citizens come in all shapes, sizes and performance capabilities that manufacture an infinite variety of job tasks. Some reside in large cities that are your organs; others prefer to live in the outskirts in small towns away from the traffic – your fingernails for instance. But no matter where they reside, each cellular citizen has a purpose, an important duty for the good of the nation — your body.

So if the health of the cell is the answer, what constitutes a healthy cell? What you eat, drink, breathe and bathe in will either nourish the 75 trillion cells with oxygen, water, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids (EFAs), glucose and amino acids, or contaminate the cells by the slow poisoning of the bloodstream. You see, what you breathe, whether oxygen or environmental contaminants ends up in the bloodstream. What you eat, whether living organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, legumes and seeds or refined, processed, foodless foods and toxic sugar laden drinks end up after digestion in the bloodstream The bloodstream is a flowing river to all the cells for nourishment and removal of acidic waste residues. So, is your bloodstream a river of life or a river of death and disease? For the Life of the flesh is in the blood..


The answer is pH.

The pH of your tissues and body fluids affects the state of your health or inner cleanliness or filth. The closer the pH is to 7.35 – 7.45, the higher you’re level of health and well being and your ability to resist states of disease.

The pH scale is like a thermometer showing increases and decreases in the acid and alkaline content of these fluids. Deviations above or below a 7.35 -7.45 pH range in the blood can signal potentially serious and dangerous symptoms or states of disease. When the body can no longer effectively neutralize and eliminate the acids it relocates them within the body’s extra-cellular fluids and connective tissue cells directly compromising cellular integrity.

Indeed the entire metabolic process depends on a balanced pH. As more acid wastes back up, and the body slowly stews in its poisonous wastes, a chronically over acidic body pH corrodes body tissue, slowly eating into the 60,000 miles of our veins and arteries like acid eating into marble. This is what science calls hemorrhage. If left unchecked, it will interrupt all cellular activities and functions from the beating of your heart to the neuro firing of your brain. Over acidification interferes with life itself, leading to all sickness and “dis-ease.”


Fundamentally, all regulatory mechanisms, including breathing, ingestion, circulation, hormone production, neurotransmitter release, etc., serve the purpose of balancing pH by removing cells. When you eat food, it ferments, just the way a banana on your counter ferments from a green, to yellow, to brown, to black. The banana rots from the inside out, not from the outside in. That is why humans can look healthy from the outside but are rotting and decaying from the inside.

This is what the medical community refers to as degenerative disease. These morbid microforms produce potent acidic by-products, which further compromise pH and create disruption in the body’s bio-system. This process can involve further morbidity through bacteria, yeast, fungus and mold with subsequent serious life-threatening symptomologies. I would say that disease comes from the inside out and that the terrain or environment of the body is the catalyst for the development and progression of all disease. This does not preclude the contributing factors from external circumstances such as trauma, airborne microforms, air pollution, radiation, chemicals and drugs. These all provide negative acidic impressions but “dis-ease” arises within the cell in response to these impressions.

Sink Or Swim

Think of your body as a fish tank. Imagine the importance of maintaining the integrity of the internal fluids of the body that we swim in daily. Imagine the fish in this tank are your cells and organ systems bathing in the fluids, which transport food and remove waste. Now imagine I back up my car and put the tailpipe up against the air intake filter supplying oxygen to the water in the tank. The water becomes filled with carbon monoxide lowering the pH, creating and acidic environment and threatening the health of the (fish), (your cells and organs). What if! throw in too much food or the wrong kind of food and the fish are unable to consume or digest it all and the food starts to decompose and putrefy? Toxic waste chemicals build up as the food breaks down, creating more acidic by-products, altering the optimal pH. This is a small example of what we are doing to our internal fluids daily, some of us more than others. We are polluting our internal fluids with acidic toxins like nicotine, drugs, excessive intake of acid forming foods, acidic beverages and social drugs such as coffee, carbonated beverages and alcohol, which all compromise the delicate balance of pH that maintains homeostasis. Some of us have fish tanks (bodies) that are barely able to support life, yet we somehow manage to struggle from day-to-day manifesting severe imbalances until the inevitable crash and debilitating chronic, disturbing, and diseased symptomology to deal with a life-threatening illness in a hospital somewhere.

As these organisms feed, they produce waste just like you do. Their urine and feces are called mycotoxins, which are very poisonous to humans. Being acids themselves, mycotoxins greatly worsen the acidity caused by an acidic diet and toxic acid emotions. They are spilled into the blood as well as inside cells, where they cause free radical damage to the genetic material of the cell eventually causing cell death. The dead neurotic cells also spill out acid wastes. The blood poisoning results in more cell and tissue poisoning furthering the disturbance of the microzyma triggering morbid forms of yeast, molds and viruses, which disrupts body chemistry causing disease to the systems. So it’s a vicious cycle. One acid condition creates another; Acidic diet coupled with toxic acid emotions creates an acid pH to the cells. This causes low oxygen levels (hypoxia), which is necessary for keeping back destructive anaerobic microbes and immune-suppression is the result. Then medical doctors come in and treat the acid condition with another acid (pharmaceuticals). 

Pharmatceuticals Create Acidity, Not Alkalinity

What pharmaceutical drug neutralizes acids and increases pH? NOTHING!!! What pharmaceutical drug addresses nutritional deficiencies, especially alkaline minerals? NOTHING!!! What pharmaceutical drug boosts or enhances the immune system? NOTHING!!! And how could they? They’re poisonous and destructive, not nutritive and constructive. Pharmaceuticals are acid. How can you treat an acid condition with acid? That’s like trying to cure someone who accidentally drank poison with another poison.

The fact is all doctors are drugging the symptoms of acidity (due to toxicities) and drugging the symptoms of nutritional deficiencies. Headaches, nausea, fever, skin rashes, brain fog, severe tiredness, gastric bloating, angina pain and dizziness are the body’s intelligent warning signals of a cellular engine problem due to an acidic pH in an organ or system.

Symptom suppression with “anti” medication is analogous to snipping the wire to a blinking oil light on your car’s dashboard and thinking that you fixed your engine instead of lifting up the hood and putting oil in your engine so the light goes off. 

Disease and symptoms are separate entities. Medical science teaches they are one and the same and by killing the symptom you somehow kill the disease. This absurd, twisted pseudo science originated and continues from the germ theory that was perpetrated by Louis Pasteur in the 1930’s and has continued to this day in all medical school training with little to no opposition.

This brain-dead mentality of looking at symptoms as the disease has been going on since the indoctrination of medicine seven decades ago. In their ignorance, they’re creating their own business by shoving the disease deeper into a chronic state that will eventually require more radical procedures of butchery and mutilation because they never address the acid state of a patient or the direct cause to disease. God did not make us with surplus body parts.

Often times in today’s world of medicine and pharmaceutical monopoly, scientific proof comes under the titles of who wants it most, how much can you pay and how fast do you need it. Being an independent experiential research scientist myself, it’s blatantly clear that scientists’ findings are based upon personal philosophies, or who is signing their paycheck, rather than on truly scientific verifiable fact.

We blindly accept as fact the medical profession’s teaching as to why we get sick. Then we accept their drugs, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery as the only means of treating the sickness which makes us sicker and exhausts our savings, slowly killing us. Yet, we never question the validity of their teachings.

So what is defiling our temple bodies? The simple answer is; any substance ingested that is not part of the structure of the human body.

To verify the scriptures in scientific findings, if you examine a decomposed body buried in the soil for decades you will find the tissue remains truly that of the dust of the ground (soil based elements). 

It is clear that man is made up of primarily airborne elements 96% (breath of life), oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen while the remaining elements, about 4%, come from the earth (dust of the ground), potassium, magnesium, calcium, silver, copper, gold, etc.

So in short, sickness and disease are simply our beautiful, God – created bodies reacting to the foreign things we are exposing them to through breathing, eating, drinking and bathing in acidic, toxic substances that damage the cells and immune system through time.

This article is based on the simplicity of reversing all disease processes by changing body pH naturally with detoxification and healthy eating.

*THIS ARTICLE WAS Written by Gary Tunsky, CNC, ND.  *The whole article can be found at that link.



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