Organik Life Clothing

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I started out with the simple goal of wearing totally custom and personally designed clothing, largely made from recycled sources. Clothing that represents what I am most passionate about, with a touch of humour. Living an Organik Life does not mean just eating well, and exercising, but purchasing from local talent, recycling and reusing goods, thinking positively, breathing well, managing your emotions and so much more. Anyway, didn’t take long before I had tons of people asking me where and how to get this type of clothing. I mean, a “drink more water” shirt. It’s gold. Every piece of clothing is available to purchase. I have teamed up with an incredible designer/seamstress, Wendy Van Der Meer, who can tailor clothes to individuals by taking measurements and the rest, but who also recycles old clothes into new creative styles. Many of the clothes you see here, however, are made from new material and customized to me specifically, so that is certainly an option.

Check out her business, House of Wenday, at her website

or find her on Facebook here


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