Music and Your Health



I like heavy metal music, and rocking out from time to time. One of my fav bands is the Mad caddies. But nothing soothes my soul like chill, mushroom jazz, lounge music, such as DJ Mark farina, or any type of lounge classics from South Africa, or the relaxed hip hop instrumentals produced by ANT (from atmosphere), or stuff like the Jazz Liberatorz. 

Music has the power to morph our reality, our minds and feelings. It has the power to literally restructure our physiology.

So, are you listening to (majority of the time) music that heals you? And I guess before I even ask that question, I should ask if you have ever thought about what affect the music you listen to has on you, personally?

Mosh Pit rage music. Chill snowboarding music. All the same in one, to a degree. We know that certain frequency and rhythm and tone can greatly influence our…everything. 

I invite everyone to listen to organik music at least once a day, as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


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