Do I Drink Coffee? – Benefits? Harmful?

 There was a thread on the ol’ facebook here that a buddy of mine started, regarding coffee. He asked me if I drink coffee. This was my reply…

Short answer is no, but I am not opposed to having one when I feel like it. Like most plants, coffee contains a very powerful toxin, used as the plants natural evolutionary defence mechanism to stay alive. Same with Soy and many other legumes/beans. This is why you MUST cook these things to be edible. Coffee is also a mild diuretic (takes more water to process and metabolize than it provides) so should not be considered as a proper method of hydration. Coffee can also stay within your system for 4-6 hours, and is not the best thing to combine with other foods/liquids. ALSO, we are not dealing with just coffee, we are dealing with poor quality dairy/artificial creamers, and synthetic neurotoxins aka artificial sweeteners. I feel that these things are more of a threat to our health than the actual coffee. An even more important point, is that if you drink coffee every morning to ‘charge’ yourself up, you are NOT drinking a smoothie, unless you are having both, which I highly doubt most people are doing. You are missing out on feeding your body highly nutritious, life-promoting foods that will give you radiant and natural energy. Whether coffee is mildly/very bad for you, does not really matter, considering that people are missing out on real energy and real health by smashing coffee every morning as a kick-starter for the day. I think that coffee is one of those things that, if used in moderation, is not a HUGE deal. Like someone stated already, there ARE a few benefits. However, one needs to consider both the pros and cons, and how they affect the individual, and the individuals goals.


There was also a comment about getting a ‘kick’ in the morning. If you need a ‘kick’…you are already unhealthy. If you don’t wake up with ample energy, you’re not healthy. Being healthy does not mean simply not having a disease. being healthy encompasses many, many aspects. We should not need a kick-starter in the morning time. We should wake up, fired up, amped up, and ready to go. If not, you are most likely lacking in one, or a few areas of health: emotional, spiritual, physical, environmental, mental/intellectual or social. It is the harmony of these 6 aspects which provide optimal health.



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