Relieve Stress Instantly With Primal Yelling Therapy

My specialty is sharing.

Here’s a small bit I found on Primal Yelling Therapy.



Admit it: Sometimes, you just want to scream.

We all have days like that, when the dog’s made a mess on the floor you just cleaned, or your friend canceled a lunch at the last minute that you’d rearranged your whole schedule to attend. Chances are, you just grind your teeth and bear it.

But according to ancient Chinese wisdom, you’d be better off letting out a loud yell. In fact, it’s good for your health.

“Chinese people have passed on the practice from generation to generation as a part of traditional medicine,” Mrs He, a 60-year-old woman from Hangzhou, told CNN. “My parents taught me. It’s a part of our folk culture.”

Mrs He is part of a group of yelling enthusiasts. Each morning, she and some of her friends climb to the top of a hill, and let out some loud shouts before starting their daily exercise regime. The yelling is good exercise for their lungs, they believe—plus, it’s just plain fun.

“Sometimes I yell out and others yell back,” says Mrs Gu, another yeller. “It makes you happy. You laugh and then you’re in a good mood.”

Dr Peter Calafiura, an American psychiatrist, agrees that yelling can have a positive mental influence. “[Yelling] might trigger some endorphins, a natural high,” he says. “They might feel calm and it might even be a little addictive. It’s really similar to a runner’s high. They’re getting the same effect in a different way.”

So, if you miss out on your morning run every so often, you may want to try a good screaming session instead. Just don’t do it in line at the DMV, as tempted as you may be.

Written by Kathryn Hawkins. You can find her original post here, and I would suggest to check out her other work. Anyone writing about primal yelling therapy most likely has some other interesting and healthy lifestyle habits.


Ok, it’s me again. Just wanted to add my 2 cents on this whole yelling business.

To keep it simple…this is a GOLDEN exercise. Simple. Effective.

I feel like a million trucks, each with a million bucks in them, after I yell for 1 minute. A huge weights lifts from my body after a quick session. Sometimes, more than others, and I assume that is because sometimes, I am carrying more emotional baggage. We know that the body must keep in motion, to keep clean. We know we must breathe deep to circulate blood through the entire body. We know we must drink plenty of water to keep our machine-like bodies running smooth. We also know that becoming stagnant paves breeding grounds for illness. We also know that the human body is energy, emits energy and can influence surrounding energy. Yelling is a tool in which we can help release, pent up, harmful energy (often caused by early hood trauma) which manifests in the body as a variety of medical, life threatening issues.

I think of yelling as a quick and easy reset. An emotional reset button. You can effectively get rid of much of the negative and harmful energy in your system by simply yelling for 1-3 minutes. Long, deep yelling, from the stomach, not the throat.

Find a place that you can yell, as loud as you can/want, comfortably, to reset your energy, and even treat such conditions as early child hood trauma, depression, feelings of shame, anxiety and feelings of being trapped.

Yours in health,

Andrew West




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