Being Awesome Lifestyle Tip #53

Being Awesome Lifestyle Tip #53

I’ll start with a question. Which phrase is ‘better’?

Cancer awareness
Health awareness

The words we speak influence much more than other people, they influence our cells, our bodies, our inner core, our feelings and environment around us. Even more so, ‘how’ we say words. The tone used. The vibration emitted. The belief intended.

Just even saying the word ‘cancer’ adds to its power. 

We water the seed of death with every ‘cancerous’ word we speak.

When speaking to a cancer patient, my intuition tells me to never say the word cancer. We are reinforcing that cancer is alive, giving it power. Also, we appear to be focusing on the negative, don’t we? We are focused on cancer/awareness.

So what is the result from focusing on ‘health’ awareness?

Well, firstly, it just seems overall more positive, that’s for sure.

Many ‘alternative’ health professionals know (as well as majority of Eastern traditions of medicine), vibration plays a major role in the acquiring, treating and preventing all types of disease.

It is said that depression has a frequency. Happiness has a certain frequency. Good feelings are associated with higher vibrations/frequencies. Bad feelings are associated with lower ones.

So, would it not be safe to say that you can heal yourself in many, many regards by simply listening to a certain frequency, or better yet, emitting one yourself?

It is said that a cat, purring on your chest, has a frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz. This range of sound frequency can improve bone density, healing of tendons, ligaments and muscles and provide some level of pain relief.


You can probably guess which phrase I personally think is better 

The lesson? You are more in control of your health than you may think. Learning some frequency/vibration lifestyle habits can greatly improve the quality of your life. Learning how to set your own vibration, and be in control of the energy you emit, will yield great benefits. I will be writing more about the benefits of ‘primal yelling’ soon, sharing this specific lifestyle tip, how to do it and what to expect.

If you made it all the way to the bottom here, I’d like to congratulate you. You are an enlightened individual with a desire to learn. You seek self-development. Continue searching. I will continue searching myself, and also sharing.



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