Super Juice Me. Curing Disease w/ Fresh Vegetables

Epic new video coming out by the Juice master himself Jason Vale Juice Master.
1 disease. 1 solution.
It’s absolutely ridiculous how many people live with chronic pain everyday.
It’s absolutely ludacris how many people are on medication.
It’s absolutely crazy how many people suffer needlessly.
And what’s even more insane, is HOW EASY THE SOLUTION IS.
Shouldn’t take a rocket scientist and a heart surgeon to get the point across that Mother nature already has the remedy.
I’m not saying this is the only way to go, but it’s a dam good start.
Don’t end up like these people.
Don’t end up a sucker.
Don’t wake up everyday in so much fucking pain you cry.
Just have a big glass of fresh vegetable juice. Is it too much to ask for yourself?


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