I Wish People Just Asked For Help, Instead Of….

I think a huge problem is that people don’t know how to ask for help. I post health info every single day and I still see post things on face book like “how do I stop this cold”… or “how can I feel more energetic”. And it wouldn’t bother me so much, if these people were not good friends of mine. Like, I help random people way more than I help my good friends, which I think is messed up.

The world, business and relationships are funny sometimes. I notice you will get hella support from people you don’t even know. You will hear a “great job!” from someone you just met, way before you’ll hear it from your “friends”.

I never thought sharing useful information would be so difficult.

Like, how many of you reading this knows someone right now with a health problem? How many of you know someone with arthritis, or asthma, or acne, psoriasis?

There is so much help out there, and to boot, you already know the people who will give genuine, sincere advice. And still people let it slide.

And this isn’t about me, or you. It’s about the bullshit we are fed everyday. It’s the manipulation. It’s the deceit. And I hate knowing that people I know are falling victim, and then not asking for help. I almost feel like it’s a personal let down, for me to have friends that are sick. No body I know should be sick. Ever. Without at least trying.

I hope that decision you make for yourself and your family comes soon.


One comment

  1. Hey Andrew ,
    Be not discouraged! I also do acknowledge how difficult that it is when a loved one(s)do not make the connection between what is healthy for mind, body , spirit and engage in what ends up being self sabotaging behaviours . Much of our society actually does this, yes? Yep …not only difficult to witness but sometimes when I am not feeling strong I can get pulled back in to old habit negative energy patterns .Then I feel “not so good “but then… I remember how good it feels to feel better by living smart and I get back on track.
    Your blog helps.
    I have to remind myself often that the most healthy and helpful thing for me to do for those I care about is is to model smart behaviour and thinking (Be the change that you want to see in the World.) It is lonely at times but as you have pointed out there are a lot of people out there who have asked for help and are making lifestyle changes one step at a time.That is how I started. Smiling.You are doing a great job.

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