Blog So Much They Start To Lack Meaning?

What a harsh reality this whole… blogger… social media… keep up game, is sometimes. Blog blog blog blog. Ya gotta do it 6 times a day to stay on top and each post has to be something special and different, and maybe start your mornings off with pictures then you schedule 2 weeks in advance of morning motivation quotes….just to stay with it.

I mean, when you post that much stuff, how much of it can be genuine, and meaningful? Did it even mean anything to the person who posted it? Or did they just find a list with 100 motivational quotes are start pluggin’ em in to Hootsuite? Because ya know what? That’s what I did.


I’m not afraid to admit it. It’s so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of business and selling yourself and getting views and getting likes and comments and all the rest of it. That’s what business is these days for a lot of people, and if your a young person starting your own business, you almost HAVE to use these tools. 

But there comes a point, such as this one, where I say…nah nah nah. My content will not lack meaning, because of this “race” we run, in a society where the dollar is cheese, and we’re mice.


Did I have a point to this story? Maybe. Do I Know right now what it might be? Not really. 

I guess I feel that saturation… that is instagram, that is facebook, that is blogs, that is recipe channels. Everyone seems to be doing it.

Ahhhhh…… blah blah blah…. nite folks.   

“Sometimes the best way to get moving is to get started. ” *me, right now


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