Going Faster Than Life Itself – Natural Highs From Doing What You Love.

Sometimes, my brain is rushing so fast with ideas that I can’t type, text or talk fast enough. My body is stiff and shoulders are hunched- maybe because my window is wide open and it’s snowing outside? I feel energy inside of me that doesn’t have a strong enough to channel to shuttle out of.

My phone doesn’t seem to even work when I am in this state. Some people would argue that, indeed, the high amounts of energy that I am currently harnessing, emitting, letting go of and receiving, can certainly interfere with the technology of today. 

What does this mean? Where does this surge of excitement and energy come from? Well, I feel it comes from many different places, but mainly, for some reason lately, it comes from the Universe. It comes from your true calling moving through you, and you realizing and acting upon it. Your body resonates at a very high frequency when you satisfy your soul by doing what it was meant to do. When you are called upon to do certain things, and you overcome fear. Taking charge of your own life, and doing what matters most to you. An intense sense of gratification can be felt when you not only do what you love, but see it positively influence people you love, and people in your community. I feel, for me personally, this is where my high energy is stemming from. 

And when I feel like this, I am moving faster than life itself, it seems. I walk faster. I listen more. I am more aware. I move with a purpose (hence the faster walking), I involve myself more in social settings, I am happier, my mind is clearer…I could go on and on. 

It’s funny…

I often think of the days where metal keys are no more, and with a simple wave of the hand, or soft hello, doors will open, kind of like in the supermarket 😉

I think of times when communication is sped up to the point where language is obsolete, and progression can take on a completely new pace all together.

*My phone is now officially frozen 

I love my iphone, don’t get me wrong, but holy moses I wish it went faster. I mean, I love to “smell the roses” and live in the present moment and all that jazz, but cmon, it’s taking me so long to find someones number that I forget what i was supposed to do next.

Hmmm, maybe these are signs of someone who needs a chill pill?


Yeah, I suppose sometimes we all need to take a chill-pill, in and amongst “the grind”. My main point, is to be more aware of how your body feels, or better yet, how it resonates.

So, I am going to take my advice and have a couple of chill-pills.

Over and out.




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