Got a closet full of clothes that you never wear anymore? My hopes is that you do, and that you are dying for someone to take them off your hands.

Specifically, old jeans and blank t-shirts. 

Interesting trades considered 🙂

Clothing will be recycled and fabricated into new clothing, some of which (warm hats, hand warmers) will be handed out within the community. Every bit helps. 

The goal is to reuse and recycle materials to build more meaningful relationships with both nature, and ourselves. The first step is this letter and reaching out for the first piece of the puzzle, you guys.

I can be reached anytime at

Oh and don’t forget about the panda who walked into the store with popsicles in his hands asking where the ovens mitts are 🙂

*Will pay for shipping if cost is reasonable.Image




  1. Yes! I’ve got lots of items that I don’t think the thrift shops want – maybe it’s old and worn or has a hole in it – that I’d just hate to dump in the landfill. I’ve got jeans and t-shirts for sure. I’m at and I live near Lake Tahoe, California. 🙂

    1. Oh thanks so much, Eva! I’ll do some number crunching and see how much it would cost to ship from that far away. I live near Toronto. I have a feeling it will be quite expensive 😦

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