Happy Cows Jumping Around Freed From Slaughterhouse

Keeping animals captive for own own dietary desires is a complex, controversial and sensitive subject. The heart of the matter is that eating animals who are stressed, unhappy, and poorly treated has a direct impact on our own health.

Everything is vibration. When we consume any food, the vibrational frequency can be determined, which in turns tells us how much energy, true, raw energy, we can potentially receive.

Cows who are unhappy, and fed GMO corn, and kept in confinement, certainly to not radiate energy. They have none to give. They are unhealthy and sick. In turn, the meat they provide to us is unhealthy, and sick. And with another turn, we, are unhealthy and sick.

Everything is connected.

If you have never thought about where your food comes from, mainly meat and dairy, I invite you to msg me. I will chat with you for free and give you as much information as I can. Just a little bit of understanding can astronomically help in your day-to-day dietary and lifestyle choices. Especially if you are a Mother, or Father, who is in charge of feeding a family, this type of information is vital not only to you, but your loved ones. It is particularly important to feed youngsters through important developmental stages high quality foods. Remember, you are what you eat. And you definitely don’t want to be a sick, unhealthy, diseased cow.

Love. Peace.


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