Tactic #37- Jump Around in the Morning to Kick Start Your Day and Body


Tactic # 37 – Jump Around in the Morning to Kick Start Your Day and Body

Every morning when I get out of bed, my bare feet touch a cold, tiled floor and I feel a tingly sensation as I stand up. I can feel my body “coming alive”. I can feel a surge of electricity running up my calf. However, this morning awakening is a dull and faded comparison to jumping around.

Amongst your normal routine of waking up, consider taking a minute to jump around, literally.

Try different movements/exercises that will increase your blood flow and get your heart going. Jump around for 10 seconds, then carry on what your doing. Maybe do a jumping jacks ups or pushups, then carry on what you’re doing? You can break up these small exercises, or you can choose to do a quick 5 minute wake up exercise session.

The most successful people in the world have a lot in common, and one of those things is that they consistently wake up early and exercise for about an hour.

Exercising supplies the brain and rest of body with clean, fresh, oxygenated blood which promotes creativity, productiveness and an overall sense of well-being.

If you are not exercising in the morning as of now, or at all, for whatever reason, that’s totally fine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your blood flowing before you tackle the day.

In the morning before you leave the house, try jumping or dancing around for even just 30 seconds. Supply your body and brain with the tools it needs to feel great, look great and be happy.

There are nerves/receptors in your feet that trigger certain good feeling endorphines, and can leave you feeling happy.

Whatever you choose to do, just know that even just 30 seconds of dancing/jumping around can kick-start your body, which can be very important in this world of office jobs and computers.


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