Prioritize Your Time w/ a Visual Daily Organizer


So I’m at my desk here, organizing my new routine. I am taking on a few new paths in life and thus need to organize my days a bit differently. So, I came up with this…

It’s a visual representation showing the hours of your day, and what you’re doing within those hours. Colours are used to distinguish each task you have per day. You can visually see, with colours, and percentages, what the heck you’re actually doing.

So, I started off with saying that I wanted to spend 25% of my waking day, working on completing an online English course. Another 25% working on my business, 20% for social/personal/family, and so on and so on. I have prioritized, my priorities đŸ˜‰ using percentages, and given myself a visual of how I would like my day to go, based on those percentages.

This system is great for getting a visual of where/how your time is being spent. if 33% of your chart is spent playing video games, and your goal is to open a business, you may want to cut your pie another way. For some people, it isn’t till they see, with their own eyes, down on paper, that they need to make a change for a better, more fulfilling life.


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