Cool Cucumber n Egg Salad in Light Coconut/Sour Cream Sauce


Do you eat strictly for good taste, or do you eat what your body needs, when it needs it?

Function or desire?

This is just a quick reminder that the food recipes I post come from the desire to have foods with a rich nutrient profile, with a simple preparation/cooking method, and of course good taste. My goal is to eat as many good quality and nutritious, disease-preventing, energy enhancing foods as possible, prepared quickly and efficiently, all the while making each dish more flavourful than the last, and the styles and techniques used in making these dishes reflect this.

Almost all my meals are similar in the sense they are one flavoured. There is only one thing on your plate. There is a collage of different ingredients mixed together to reach a unified taste. It’s easy, healthy and quick.

Blah blah blah get on with the recipe…

This meal was designed to replenish fatigued/growing muscles with a large amount of calories, providing good amounts of protein. Great for people hitting the gym and looking for a healthy dish. Can easily be made into a lighter dish by adding more veggies, and decreasing the meat n eggs.


  1. Raw Cucumber, Onion, Chick Peas, Broccoli
  2. Coconut Milk 70% Extract + Sour Cream Mixture, 50-50
  3. Piece of Wild Fish. Freshest, Not Farmed Fish You Can Get (I used Basa)
  4. 4 Hard Boiled Eggs – Local/Organic Highly Suggested
  5. Himalayan Mountain Salt/Black Pepper
  6. Dill Weed (optional)

High in protein and fat from both animal and plant sources. High quality seasoning. Fibre. Variety of vitamins and minerals provided by egg yolks and veggies.


  • Boil eggs 11 mins
  • Cook Fish (I simply put my fish in a pan with water about half way and “steamed”)
  • Toss sour cream and coconut milk in a bowl, 50-50, add water to the mixture until you get a milk-like consistency, maybe a bit thicker. Season as you wish with salt and pepper. I did not use dill this go round, but feel would fit nicely.
  • Add raw onions, cucumber and broccoli with coconut mixture (All veggies on the smaller side, no large chunks),
  • Pour cold water over eggs when done till cooled, crack/peel open, add to coconut mixture
  • Add fish
  • Mix er all up and enjoy

Interesting dish to say the least.

I’ve experimented with making a variety of “sauces” using coconut milk, almond milk, greek yogurt, sour cream (not the healthiest choice, but hey y.o.l.o) homemade organic veg/chicken stock, pad-thai type sauces and the likes. Adding a sauce/broth to your meal can offer great nutrition, while holding and enhancing flavours which really makes the dish more enjoyable. I also invite you to try watering down coconut milk (70% meat extract) for a great alternative to mayonnaise.

Over and out.

*it’s not the bad, it’s the lack of good.


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